Robert’s Story

Robert W. Trimble is a husband, father of 4, Christian, small business owner, and the middle child of 6 boys.

He was raised in Canyon Lake, Texas, where he met and married the mother of his daughters in 1987. Their oldest daughter, Christy, is 34, and their youngest daughter, Mary, is 29. In 1988, he joined the Texas Army National Guard. In 1990 he felt he needed to do more for his country, so he joined the U.S. Army. He served for 4 years and was stationed at FT. Hood, Texas, where he served first as an OH-58 helicopter crew chief and then as a military policeman. He was later deployed to Bosnia. After his 4-year commitment, Robert returned to the National Guard and served several positions from Army National Guard recruiter to a readiness NCO until his retirement in September 2008. In 2000, he married Kristi, a former elementary school teacher now Christian counselor. They have two sons, Nathan, 20, and Noah, 17.


Robert built the largest American-made furniture stores in Texas selling Amish-built furniture. He sold that company in 2016 and purchased his first piece of property in Bennington, Oklahoma. In 2018, Robert bought the current property in Seminole, Oklahoma, and built a home where the family now lives. In 2019, Robert wanted to bring the quality of furniture to the great state of Oklahoma and placed the state’s largest American-made furniture store in Norman. A second location was added in Springdale, Arkansas, with plans to expand in other Oklahoma cities.

Robert believes in the right to own and bear arms, pro-life, smaller government, lower taxes, better roads, and the best in education. Robert believes that our roads are below standard, our rural communities have been neglected, and our teachers and students need us to promote ways that help teachers in the classrooms so students thrive. Robert also believes we are overtaxed and underserved.

Robert says:
‘’I’m not a politician. I am disappointed to see the direction our leaders have taken us. I believe they are out of touch with their constituents. I know what it’s like to have a budget set and try to live within it. Soaring prices, property taxes, sales tax on food items bring in government funding and still we have the worst roads and a lagging educational system. There is a solution. I believe in the strong people of Oklahoma and with the decades of leadership and growing business that resulted in better lives for my employees, we can have the best of everything for Logan, Lincoln, Oklahoma, Pottawatomie and Seminole counties.’’

Robert enjoys hunting, fishing, and just watching wildlife in their surroundings. He also enjoys playing his guitar. Most of all, Robert loves watching his grandchildren catch a fish and refuse to touch it because it’s “slimy.”

From raising hogs, cattle and chickens I understand the importance of protecting our agriculture in District 28.


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