Robert W. Trimble for Senate 2022

District 28

Oklahoma First

The only Republican State Senate candidate in District 28 that didn’t hire a consultant group.

“When you hear me speak, you can rest assured my words are real and unfiltered because they are my own.”

Grant Green’s sell out of Seat 28

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Reports are publicly available on the Oklahoma Ethics Comission website.

Robert believes in the right to own and bear arms, pro-life, smaller government, lower taxes, better roads, and the best in education. Robert believes that our roads are below standard, our rural communities have been neglected, and our teachers and students need us to promote ways that help teachers in the classrooms so students thrive. Robert also believes we are overtaxed and underserved.


I’m blessed to run for state senate to represent the citizens of District 28. I started this race knowing I would not accept donations from any PAC group, businesses or individuals. I also know that some consider me as an outsider. I can tell you that I am an outsider, an outsider that is not status quo or the “good olde boys,” but rather a true representative for the people of District 28. I am the only one running in my district that didn’t hire a consultant group or accept money from anyone. In Seminole county under the current state senator, we have seen a 9.7 percent decrease in population; foreigners buy up our land and funnel the money back to countries who do not have our best interest; and downtowns overrun with dispensaries while current businesses close their doors as a result of the overflow of dispensaries. These losses result in less money to help our district and a lower quality of life for our citizens. Our roads are still bad with no improvements, and our county commissioners are struggling to find funds to properly operate their precincts.

District 28 citizens have told me they are tired of politics as usual and are excited to have me running as a breath of fresh air. I have a proven record of problem-solving and growing businesses and strive to be a man of integrity who puts others first.
I’ve never met our current state senator, much less had any discussions with him on my current platform. I have reached out to him and quizzed him on specific topics but did not receive any questions from him on my platform. This is unfortunate but exactly why I am running to be a true representative for all the people of District 28.

I will fight hard to put the citizens of District 28 first, to help fix our roads, put money back into the pockets of hard-working citizens, protect our land from foreigners who do not have our best interest, stop wasteful spending, defend the Oklahoma constitution, fund our police officers, and protect our ranchers, senior citizens, health care workers and teachers.

I humbly ask for your vote so that our district can move forward.

– Robert W.Trimble, Candidate for State Senator


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